Best Feng Shui Color For Cookware in 2024

By Melissa H. Fenton

Updated January 7,2024

White is one of the most popular colors for a kitchen, and for good reason. This color represents cleanliness, which makes sense in a room dedicated to food preparation.

White also pairs well with any other color, creating a neutral and elegant decor that will enhance your cooking experience. However, to balance out the starkness of white, add warm accents and shades. If you’re not sure what to choose, here are some general guidelines.

If you’re wondering what’s the best Feng Shui color for cookware, here are a few tips:

Best Feng Shui Color For Cookware

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Your kitchen is perhaps the busiest room in your house. It’s also where you and your family members sit together to enjoy a meal and some deep tête-à-têtes. No wonder, your kitchen ambiance should be as calming as possible. And, the right feng shui kitchen colors will help set a tone for harmony and nurturing energy required for a happy home.

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese spatial law that, when applied well, can bring good vibes into your home. The traditional practice claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their environment. It goes beyond optimizing your feng shui kitchen layout and feng shui kitchen design. The colors you choose can contribute too. 

Therefore, it’s important to have good feng shui energy in your kitchen. It transfers good feng shui to your whole home. After all, the kitchen is the place where your nutrition comes from. So, the vibes in your cooking area will have an effect on your health too!

Try to find a wall color that suits your decorating sense and your feng shui goals. Thankfully, you don’t have to limit yourself to a kitchen with just earth tones or pure white. You can utilize other interesting colors as well, as long as the overall visual effect is calming and balanced.

Creating a feng shui kitchen 

feng shui kitchen

So, how do you create a feng shui kitchen? Well, the easiest way to bring good feng shui energy into your cooking space is by taking these two steps:

  • Identify the bagua of your home

Define the energy center or the bagua area of your kitchen and make sure that it’s helpful in creating good feng shui. Consulting a feng shui professional can help. They’ll be able to provide you feng shui cures or adjustments to remove any blocked energy. That will balance the flow of energy in your cooking space — without you having to rebuild or redesign the kitchen layout. 

  • Bring in the right feng shui kitchen colors

A kitchen allows you to bring in feng shui colors in any way — not just on the walls. You can add colors with your backsplash tiles, kitchen countertops, storage cabinets, or kitchen flooring. If you’re not planning a large-scale renovation in the near future, you can still make significant changes with the color of your kitchen appliances, wallpapers, artwork, or kitchen decor items. 

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Best feng shui kitchen colors

Feng shui kitchen colors are crucial in creating an efficient, yet calming cooking space. White, yellow, green, beige, red, orange, and blue colors are considered good feng shui kitchen paint colors, but you must understand how to use them. The way you use the colors, which hue should dominate the color scheme — will be different for every kitchen. The color choices will depend on the five feng shui elements and the direction of the kitchen. 

  • White color
white kitchen

White is a popular kitchen color, especially if you’re applying the principles of feng shui. The color is a symbol of cleanliness and purity. Since your kitchen is where you cook your meals, you’d want to keep things pure. Aesthetically too, white pairs well with every color.  In fact, a white background provides the perfect canvas which you can accent with warmer shades on your kitchen cabinets, backsplash, or window treatments. That way, your kitchen room is neither too stark nor too cold. 

  • Neutral shades 

Neutral colors such as beige, oatmeal, and other earth colors work well in the kitchen. According to feng shui, such hues bring stability to a household and have a harmonious effect. These light colors are warm and comforting and make your kitchen feel cozy.

  • Yellow color
yellow kitchen

This is again a popular feng shui kitchen color. Feng shui experts believe that it promotes socialization, it uplifts your spirits and makes your cooking space cheerful and happy. However, steer clear of shocking shades of yellow that might agitate you and your guests. Opt for a light yellow or golden yellow. It’s soothing to the eyes.  

  • Blue color

An interesting thing about blue is that it’s believed to curb hunger! So, if you’re someone who’s watching their weight, shades of blue are a smart choice. However, be sure to use the water element in small doses. While a little blue will add a calming effect, too much of it can make your kitchen look gloomy.

  • Green color

Did you know, the color green promotes digestion! No wonder feng shui recommends it for your kitchen space. It’s best to choose soft and earthy greens which will help you create a relaxing cooking space. You can enhance these earthy colors further by putting indoor plants and herbs.

  • Red color

Red is a good color for your kitchen, provided you use it in small doses. Otherwise, the fiery shade can create an imbalance in the space. A good idea is to combine a neutral color with a little bit of red — maybe only as an accent.

Feng shui kitchen colors and kitchen directions

kitchen feng shui

Here are some specific Feng shui colors that go well with certain directions of your kitchen

East facing kitchen

  • Responsible for: Family’s health and family
  • Good feng shui colors: Brown and green
  • Additional feng shui colors: Black, blue and beige
  • Colors to avoid: Red, orange, purple, dark yellow, and gray

Southeast facing kitchen

  • Responsible for: Money and abundance
  • Good feng shui colors: Brown and green
  • Additional feng shui colors: Black, beige, blue and sandy
  • Colors to avoid: Red, orange, purple, gray and strong yellow

South-facing kitchen

  • Responsible for: Fame and reputation
  • Good feng shui colors: Red, orange, yellow, pink, magenta, purple
  • Additional feng shui colors: Brown, green, black, blue
  • Colors to avoid: Red, orange, purple, strong yellow, gray

Southwest facing kitchen

Kitchen in the southwest
  • Responsible for: Love and marriage
  • Good feng shui colors: Earth element colors such as beige, sandy, light butter yellow
  • Additional feng shui colors: Red, orange, yellow, pink, magenta, purple
  • Colors to avoid: Blue, black, green, gray

West facing kitchen

  • Responsible for: Children and creativity
  • Good feng shui colors: White and soft gray
  • Additional feng shui colors: Beige, sandy, light yellow
  • Colors to avoid: Red, orange, yellow, pink, magenta, purple

Northwest facing kitchen

  • Responsible for: Helpful people and good blessings
  • Good feng shui colors: White and gray
  • Additional feng shui colors: Beige, sandy, light yellow
  • Colors to avoid: Red, orange, yellow, pink, magenta, purple

North facing kitchen

  • Responsible for: Career in life
  • Good feng shui colors: Black and blue
  • Additional feng shui colors: White and gray
  • Colors to avoid: Red, orange, yellow, pink, magenta, purple, green, brown, sandy

Northeast facing kitchen

  • Responsible for: Spiritual growth
  • Good feng shui colors: Beige, sandy, light butter yellow
  • Additional feng shui colors: Red, orange, yellow, pink, magenta, purple
  • Colors to avoid: Blue, black, green, gray

Best Position Of Stove in Kitchen Feng Shui

To get the best position for your stove in your kitchen, you need to know which sectors are favorable to place it in. Place it in the south-east sector, and avoid the north-west sector. If you can, place a plant between the stove and the fridge, or hang a mirror above it. Then, use the feng shui principles of placement to optimize the energy in your kitchen.

Place the stove in the South-East sector

A basic feng shui rule for kitchens is to place the stove in the south-east sector. However, this can be difficult to achieve if your kitchen is not oriented to the right direction. The fire element and metal in the Northwest are a bad combination and should be avoided. A kitchen with a stove in the South-East sector is much better than one that faces the North. This way, the energy coming from the North-West will be directed towards the kitchen.

The kitchen door facing the stove is considered a mini T-junction. Incoming Qi from this direction can cause problems for health and wealth. Fortunately, this can easily be remedied. Simply move the stove to the South-East sector. The opposite house facing the same direction as the stove will create conflict between water and fire. The opposite way is also bad if you want to increase your chances of attracting wealth or a good relationship with a partner.

According to feng shui, the kitchen is a great place to cook and entertain. However, it should not be placed in the same direction as the dishwasher and the refrigerator. They should be placed away from each other. Furthermore, a stove in the South-East sector of the kitchen should be placed in a position where they will not be obstructed by excess water or food.

Another important part of the kitchen is the stove. It is best to place it in the south-east sector to attract good luck. Feng shui also requires that appliances should be six to eight feet apart. It is best to place the stove in the South-East sector of the kitchen. Also, the stove and sink should be in opposite corners. These three appliances should be placed on the same wall, but not diagonally.

Avoid placing it in the North-West sector

If you are looking to increase the happiness of your household, the position of the stove is crucial. It should be in a commanding position, visible from the rest of the kitchen. Avoid placing the stove in the north-west sector of the kitchen, where heaven energy pours in. If you are worried about attracting negative energy from the stove, you can place a red bamboo flute on a red string in the kitchen.

When feng shui relates to the placement of appliances and furniture, different directions have different meanings. The northwest is a bad place to place a stove, because the Qian Gua is the position of money and the head of household. Men were considered highly important in the ancient Chinese, so facing a stove in the north-west is unlucky for them.

Place a plant between the stove and the fridge

The primary purpose of the best plants for the kitchen is to bring wealth and good health. Plants are considered good luck symbols and are a good place to place them. However, they can also serve practical purposes. Plants in the kitchen are good luck if you love to cook! In fact, you can even place plants between the fridge and the stove to bring health and prosperity to your home!

To counteract the negative chi, place a plant between the refrigerator and the stove. You can also hang a green dishcloth between the refrigerator and the stove to create a “triangle of terror.” If the kitchen is a wet room, it can also represent loss of wealth and happiness. Place a potted plant between the fridge and the stove in Kitchen Feng Shui to counteract this negative chi.

In Kitchen Feng Shui, the stove should be on the west side, while the fridge should be on the northwest side. You should also try to avoid placing the fridge next to the sink because it can cause an overflow of water that will deplete the fire element of the stove. Place a plant or decoration between the fridge and the stove to counteract this negative energy. Moreover, the stove should not be facing a door, as this can cause overheating of the wall.

Placing the stove in the northwest corner is a bad idea. This is because the fire in the kitchen is the opposite of water and can suppress the happiness of the breadwinner. As such, the northwest part of the kitchen is bad for the breadwinner and will not allow for their happiness to be fully realized. If you place the stove in the northwest, you’ll suppress his happiness.

Add a mirror above the stove

Mirrors are a great way to amplify the energy in a kitchen. They have many benefits, including helping you to reflect your prosperity. However, they should not be placed directly across from the front door, as they can reflect chi and money back out. However, if the mirror is placed behind the stove, you can use it to enhance the energy in this space. A mirror placed behind the stove can help you to reflect the food you put on the table, which is the ultimate goal of kitchen feng shui.

Putting the stove near the wall is considered bad Feng Shui because it exposes the back, which is considered weak. An ideal position for the stove is above the stove, but you should be careful not to put it next to the sink or refrigerator. Instead, place it next to the window and away from the refrigerator. A mirror above the stove will help you to double your income! You will also benefit from the feng shui power of mirrors.

The mirror above the stove is another great way to enhance the energy in your kitchen. It will help to balance the energy in the space, and give the illusion of additional burners. It will also help to attract positive Chi into the room. If you don’t want a mirror above your stove, you can place a potted plant on top of the stove. This is an excellent way to increase the flow of good chi throughout your kitchen.

While you should avoid placing mirrors near the stove or above the windows, it is also important to remember that mirrors have the ability to reflect negative energy. A mirror placed opposite a window is considered bad Feng Shui, because they reflect the same negative energy as a wall. They also conflict with water and fire, so you can substitute them with plants instead. If you are still concerned about the Feng Shui of mirrors, you should use another option.

Place a beam above the stove

The stove is a significant symbol of wealth in Feng Shui and deserves special attention. It should be clean and well-maintained, and its burners should rotate to draw in positive energy. Alternatively, place a reflective metal piece above the stove to reflect its warmth and light. This will be beneficial in both Feng Shui and practicality. The mirror will also help people with their backs facing the stove see better.

Another rule of Kitchen Feng Shui is to avoid placing the stove directly under the overhead beam. The reason for this is that the kitchen needs solid support. It should not have a space behind the stove. Additionally, the kitchen door should not be the main door to the house. Moreover, the placement of the stove in the kitchen must not be revealing to the public, because this will increase the risk of attracting negative energy.

To avoid bad Feng Shui, keep the stove away from the bedrooms. Stoves facing the west are believed to attract bad luck and bring illness. To counteract this, avoid placing the stove directly in front of a Buddha statue. It is also believed to cause a woman to have a fiery temper. The opposite is true if the stove is located next to a Buddha statue.

The opposite of the opposite sex is also bad Feng Shui. Positioning a kitchen stove opposite a toilet is bad. A kitchen stove facing the bathroom can bring bad luck because the water element represents the male. This negative energy can impact the health of the family and cause quarrels. To counter this effect, you can place a Qi Lin or Hu Lu in the kitchen, which are both auspicious mythical creatures and symbols of longevity and health.

Final Words

Feng Shui gives special consideration to a kitchen — because it’s the heart of your home. Feng Shui practitioners believe that this space is where you nurture and sustain life by preparing food for your entire family.

We hope the above tips will help you create a good and happy Feng Shui kitchen — a feeling that will transcend to the rest of your home. 

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