Our Place Cookware Review: A Must-Have for Every Home Cook!

By Melissa H. Fenton

Our place cookware is an exceptional line of multi-functional, non-toxic and stylish cookware. The brand’s direct-to-consumer approach is highly commendable, and their products come with a thoughtful range of accessories that make cooking and kitchen maintenance easier.

Our place cookware has been taking the culinary world by storm since its launch in 2019. Founded by shiza shahid, the brand’s mission centers around creating sustainable and ethically sourced kitchenware that elevates the cooking experience. The brand’s vibrant and sturdy cookware is designed with a non-toxic ceramic coating, equipped with a nesting lid and steamer, and optimized for easy one-pot meals.

Our Place Cookware

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Additionally, our place cookware’s spice kit and cleaning kit accessories make cooking and cleanup a breeze. The brand also actively supports local communities, with a portion of every purchase going towards providing meals to those in need. In this review, we will explore the features of our place cookware and examine why it has become a customer favorite in the kitchen.

Our Place Cookware Review: A Must-Have for Every Home Cook

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Features Of Our Place Cookware

Our Place Cookware Review: A Must-Have For Every Home Cook

If you’re someone who loves cooking and experimenting with recipes, you know the importance of having good-quality cookware. Investing in cookware that not only looks great but also enhances your cooking experience can transform the way you feel about cooking.

Our place cookware is a set that promises to do just that. Let’s discuss the unique features of this cookware set and how they can benefit home cooks.

Materials And Design:

  • Our place cookware is made of high-quality, non-toxic ceramic-coated stainless steel, making it safe to use for your health.
  • The set comes in a variety of beautiful pastel colors that will make your kitchen look stylish and trendy.
  • The design is versatile, as it can be used on any stovetop, including gas, electric, and induction, and is oven-safe up to 500°f.

The combination of these materials and design features makes our place cookware a great tool in your kitchen. The ceramic coating ensures that your food doesn’t stick to the surface, making it easy to clean. Using it on any stovetop creates a seamless transition between cooking techniques, and its oven-safe feature allows you to start cooking on the stove and finish in the oven, all in one pot.

Always Be Ready To Strain:

  • The always pan, which is part of the set, has a built-in strainer that makes it easy to drain liquids such as pasta water and broth.
  • The pan also comes with a steamer basket, which can be used to steam vegetables, dumplings, and fish.

With the always pan’s built-in strainer, you don’t need to worry about pouring hot liquids into a colander or strainer. This not only saves time and effort but also makes the cooking process safer. The steamer basket expands the pan’s functionality and allows for healthy cooking of a variety of dishes.

Perfect For Serving:

  • The always pan comes with a modular lid that has a steam vent and can double as a strainer, a serving spoon rest, and a colander.

The modular lid is an innovative feature that sets this cookware apart. With its functionality as a serving spoon rest and colander, the hassle of using multiple utensils for cooking and serving is eliminated, streamlining the cooking process further.

Our place cookware brings a range of features to the table that benefit home cooks’ cooking experience, making it a must-have set. The combination of materials, design, strainer, and modular lid ensures a safe, efficient, and enjoyable cooking experience. With its pastel colors, versatile design, and thoughtful features, this cookware is worth the investment for the avid home cook.

Pros Of Our Place Cookware

As a home cook, finding reliable and versatile cookware is essential. Our place cookware has been gaining popularity among home cooks and is undoubtedly worth the attention. Here, we’ll review the pros of our place cookware and why it should be on every home cook’s must-have list.

Versatility At Its Best

One of the biggest benefits of our place cookware is its versatility. The sleek and modern design of the cookware allows it to be used for various cooking styles and is fit for various occasions. This cookware has been designed to be used for sautéing, searing, boiling, and even baking.

Its design allows for even heat distribution that maximizes your dishes’ quality and gives you perfectly cooked meals every time. Our place cookware is the perfect all-in-one solution for cooks who love to experiment with different recipes and cooking styles.

Ease Of Use

Our place cookware is incredibly user-friendly. Each order comes with a handy set of instructions and recipes, making it accessible for newbie cooks. The cookware’s design also takes into account the comfort of the user. For example, the handles of the pan are made of silicone, providing a comfortable grip and preventing burns that may occur with other cookware.

Additionally, the pan’s non-stick coating makes it a breeze to clean, saving you time and energy when making meals.

Durability You Can Trust

Investing in cookware can be a daunting task, but our place cookware ensures your investment is worth the money in the long run. The high-quality materials used to make the cookware guarantee its longevity. Customers who’ve used the cookware attest to its durability, even with frequent use.

With proper maintenance, our place cookware can last for years, reducing the need to constantly purchase new cooking vessels.

Our place cookware is a must-have for every home cook looking for versatile, user-friendly, and durable cookware. Its design, ease of use, and long-lasting quality make it a perfect addition to any household kitchen. To join the bandwagon of happy customers, head over to their website and get yourself one.

Cons Of Our Place Cookware

Our Place Cookware Review: A Must-Have For Every Home Cook

If you are a home cook looking for versatile and stylish cookware, then the our place cookware set might be the perfect fit for you. This cookware set offers a range of features that can make cooking more effortless and enjoyable.

Despite its many advantages, some cons of our place cookware can have you questioning if this set is the right match for you. In this review, we’ll cover what these drawbacks are and offer some tips and suggestions for addressing these concerns.

Describe Any Downsides Of The Cookware Set (E.G., High Price Point, Weight)

One of the most significant drawbacks of the our place cookware set is its high price point. While the set offers several features and cooking accessories that contribute to a beautiful cooking experience, it might not be the most suitable option for everyone.

Here are some other potential cons of the our place cookware set:

  • The pots and pans in the set are relatively heavy.
  • The ceramic coating is prone to chipping.
  • The lids of the cookware can easily get hot.
  • The cookware set doesn’t work on an induction cooktop.

Provide Tips And Suggestions For Addressing These Concerns

If you’re still interested in purchasing the our place cookware set despite these cons, here are some tips and suggestions to address these concerns:

  • Consider the weight of the pot and pan before purchasing. If you’re someone who struggles with heavier kitchen utensils, you can opt for other lighter-weight options or ergonomic handles that prioritize ease-of-use.
  • Practice proper storage and cleaning methods to avoid chipping the ceramic coating on the cookware’s interior. You can also avoid using metal utensils when cooking with these pots and pans to prevent scratching and chipping the surface.
  • You can use a kitchen towel or pot holder to prevent the lids from getting hot. However, we still recommend handling them with care.
  • If you have an induction cooktop, the our place cookware set is not the right fit for you. You can look for other suitable options such as stainless steel cookware sets that can work on an induction cooktop or purchase a converter disc.

The our place cookware set is an attractive and versatile set of pots and pans that offer several features and unique accessories. While it might have a few downsides, they can be addressed with some helpful tips and suggestions. If you are willing to invest in quality cookware, the our place cookware set can be a valuable addition to your home kitchen.

Comparison With Other Cookware Brands

Our Place Cookware Review: A Must-Have For Every Home Cook

Cookware is an essential part of every kitchen, and selecting the perfect cookware set can be tricky. Our place cookware has gained popularity in recent years for its unique design and features that make it user-friendly, durable, and versatile. But how does it compare to other popular cookware brands in the market?

Let’s explore the different cookware brands, their pricing, features, and customer reviews, and see how our place stacks up against them.

All-Clad Cookware

All-clad cookware is known for its high-quality, innovative design, and durability. It comes with a hefty price tag, but for many, it’s worth the investment. Here’s what one can expect from all-clad cookware:

  • Pricing: All-clad cookware sets range from $400-$1200, depending on the number of pieces and their size.
  • Features: Made of durable stainless steel with an aluminum core that ensures even heat distribution, this cookware is suitable for all cooking techniques. It’s dishwasher and oven safe, and the lids fit snuggly.
  • Customer reviews: All-clad cookware is highly praised for its quality, durability, even heating and lasting performance. However, some customers found it difficult to clean and might need some elbow grease.

Le Creuset Cookware

Le creuset cookware is known for its cast iron construction, vibrant colors, and modern design. It is the perfect cookware for those who love slow-cooking stews and soups. Here’s what you need to know about le creuset cookware:

  • Pricing: Le creuset cookware sets are available from $300-$1500, depending on the number of pieces and their size.
  • Features: Made of high-quality cast iron that retains heat well, this cookware is perfect for slow-cooking. It also has a non-stick enamel coating that makes it easy to clean.
  • Customer reviews: Le creuset cookware gets high marks for its even heat distribution, durability, and gorgeous colors. But some customers find it heavy and hard to lift.

Our Place Cookware

Our place cookware has a modern design that looks beautiful in any kitchen. It is also very versatile and user-friendly. Here’s what makes our place cookware stand out from the rest:

  • Pricing: Our place cookware sets range from $145-$250, depending on the number of pieces and their size.
  • Features: Made of durable ceramic with a non-toxic non-stick coating that makes it easy to clean, this cookware is perfect for everyday cooking. It also has a modular lid that can double as a steamer or a strainer.
  • Customer reviews: Our place cookware gets high marks for its even heating, versatility, and ease of use. Customers also love the color options and the modular lid.

Highlight The Differences Between Our Place Cookware And Other Popular Brands

  • Pricing: All-clad and le creuset cookware come with a hefty price tag, while our place cookware is more affordable.
  • Features: All-clad cookware is suitable for all cooking techniques and has an aluminum core for even heat distribution. Le creuset cookware is perfect for slow-cooking and has a non-stick enamel coating. Our place cookware has a non-toxic non-stick coating and a modular lid that doubles as a steamer or a strainer.
  • Customer reviews: All three brands have received high praise for their quality and durability. Customers love all-clad’s even heating, but find it hard to clean. Customers love le creuset’s vibrant colors and slow-cooking abilities, but find it too heavy. Customers love our place’s affordability, versatility, and ease of use, with no major complaints received so far.

Choosing the perfect cookware set doesn’t have to be difficult. All three brands have their unique features, so it all comes down to personal preferences and budget. However, if you’re looking for versatility, affordability, and ease of use, then our place cookware is definitely worth your consideration.

n the realm of cookware, Our Place has carved a niche for itself, thanks to its Instagram-worthy aesthetics, innovative design, and the promise of eco-friendly practices. This brand has positioned its Always Pan as the answer to decluttering your kitchen by replacing eight pieces of cookware. But is Our Place cookware genuinely a must-have for every home cook? This review aims to uncover the truth.

Our Place: The Brand

Launched in 2019, Our Place is a Los Angeles-based brand known for creating thoughtfully-designed products that challenge the traditional kitchen aesthetic. Their flagship product, the Always Pan, has gained popularity for its multifunctionality, compact design, and range of stylish colors.

Benefits of Our Place Cookware

  1. Multifunctionality: The Always Pan is designed to perform the duties of eight different pieces of cookware: fry pan, sauté pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan, and spatula rest.
  2. Eco-friendly: Our Place products are made with ethical labor practices and responsible materials. The Always Pan uses a non-toxic, non-stick ceramic coating and comes with a beechwood spatula and stainless-steel steamer basket.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal: Our Place cookware is designed with a modern aesthetic and comes in a variety of trendy colors, making it a beautiful addition to any kitchen.
  4. Compact Design: The Always Pan is designed with a built-in spoon rest and a handle that stays cool, while its compact design makes it easy to store.

Buying Guide: Choosing Our Place Cookware

1. Assess Your Cooking Needs

Consider your cooking style. If you often find yourself using various pots and pans for a single meal, the Always Pan’s multi-purpose design might be a great fit.

2. Color and Design

Choose a color and design that fits your kitchen’s aesthetic. Our Place offers a variety of shades, from neutral tones to more vibrant options.

3. Care and Maintenance

Our Place recommends hand washing the Always Pan for longevity. If you prefer dishwasher-safe cookware, this might not be the best fit.

4. Budget

Although the Always Pan offers the functionality of eight pieces of cookware, it’s priced higher than some other pans. Ensure it fits within your budget.

Our Place cookware, with its blend of aesthetics and versatility, makes a compelling case for a must-have kitchen item. The Always Pan, in particular, could be a great addition for those seeking to simplify their cooking process without compromising style or eco-conscious values. While the price tag is a bit steep, the multi-purpose design and high-quality construction can justify the investment, making Our Place a worthy consideration for home cooks.

Frequently Asked Questions On Our Place Cookware Review

What Makes Our Place Cookware Unique?

Our place cookware is unique because it combines functionality with eye-catching design to create versatile cookware that’s durable and functional. Crafted from non-toxic materials, our place cookware provides you with a safe way to cook your favorite meals without compromising on style.

What Is The Cost Of Our Place Cookware?

The cost of our place cookware varies depending on the type of cookware you want to buy. However, the brand offers fair pricing and discounts on some items. You can check out their website to see the current pricing on their products.

Is Our Place Cookware Easy To Clean?

Yes, our place cookware is easy to clean. The cookware is dishwasher safe, and its non-stick surface allows you to clean it with ease. Alternatively, you can hand-wash the cookware with a mild soap and warm water for excellent results.

Does Our Place Cookware Work On All Cooktops?

Yes, our place cookware works on all cooktops, including gas, electric, and induction. It is made with induction-compatible materials for even heating and optimal cooking results.

Does Our Place Cookware Come With A Warranty?

Yes, our place cookware comes with a limited one-year warranty. If you encounter any defects or problems with your cookware within the warranty period, the brand will replace it for you. Ensure you follow the care instructions to avoid voiding the warranty.

Is Our Place cookware safe?

Yes, Our Place cookware is free from PFOAs and PTFEs, making it a safe cooking option.

Is Our Place cookware oven-safe?

The Always Pan is not oven-safe. It’s designed primarily for stovetop use.

Can Our Place cookware be used on induction cooktops?

Yes, the Always Pan is compatible with all cooktops, including induction.

Where can I purchase Our Place cookware?

Our Place cookware can be purchased on their official website and through selected online retailers.


As we have concluded our review of our place cookware, it is safe to say that their products are simply fantastic. Our taste buds have been delighted with every meal cooked in these pots and pans; the aesthetics of the cookware have added a delightful touch to our kitchen décor; and the functional features of the products have made cooking easier and quicker.

The company takes great pride in their environmentally friendly approach, ensuring their products are not only built to last but are sustainable, too. Additionally, the diverse range of colors offers a unique touch that appeals to anyone’s style. We would highly recommend this cookware to any avid cook, from novice to professional.

It is a worthy investment that will enhance the cooking experience and bring joy to any kitchen.

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