Weston 65-0201 Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer Review

Weston 65-0201 Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer is a well-built and sturdy vacuum sealer that works quietly and efficiently. It is successful in its endeavour to meet customer satisfaction and guarantee them best results. Top performance has made it one of the most sought after products in online market. It is available in silver color.

Benefits To The Customer

Weston 65-0201 Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealers Review

Weston vacuum sealing provides lots of benefits to its customers. Some important ones are as follows:

  • Brand Weston has numerous and efficient service centres to meet customer demands. Its parts are easily available at its service stations and this reputed brand provides quick and better services for all its products.
  • Weston Pro 2300 stops misuse of vacuum bags because it allows sealing of different products according to their item size
  • An important benefit of using it is that it allows an option to use manual mode for sealing of valuables or delicate items
  • Pro 2300 is capable of sealing specialized bags made for Weston use and also different branded and non-branded products
  • Its seal is of transparent quality that permits checking of bags for faulty seals and thus helping to avoid unnecessary wastage

High Light Features

Following are some important features that have helped PRO 2300 to reach its amazing popularity amongst consumers

  • Weston Pro 2300 has dimensions of 22 ½*12 ¼*6 inches and a sealing bar that is 15 inches extra wide and hence is able to seal free sized items
  • Weston Vacuum Sealers have twin piston pump and cooling fan that is nearly noiseless and can work at an efficient pace for a long duration without taking regular and quick breaks
  • Stainless steel material is used in making its body and it is more durable and strong than usual vacuum sealers having plastic bodies
  • One vital feature of this vacuum sealer is that it allows sealing of different sized products. Now sealing bags can be selected according to requirement and thus saving unnecessary waste. It also allows manual vacuum sealing for certain items.
  • Its power cord is of detachable quality and has an inner compartment area that enables convenient storing
  • An important feature of this vacuum sealer is that it has an ability to change its modus operandi from fully automatic to one touch option and also to manual labour to meet various requirements
  • Its lid seal and seal bar has Teflon coating tapes for protection of bags during vacuum sealing
  • Its features include LED lights for monitoring every stage of sealing
  • It has undertaken necessary safety measures and provides warranty of one year to its customers

Pros and Cons


  • Flexible as it suits different item size
  • Compatible to work with different brand and non-branded product bags
  • Airtight seal
  • Fully automatic
  • Can also operate manually
  • Has option of single touch operation
  • Highly versatile
  • Semi-commercial sealer
  • Easy and quick availability of replacement parts
  • Has a cooling fan to stop overheating
  • Long-lasting
  • Strong and durable motor
  • Has a handle for carrying
  • Capable of working at a single go for long duration as overheating is no longer a problem


  • Not capable of vacuum sealing of fluids
  • Is not suitable for sealing in extra bulk quantities for example one hundred bags at a stretch
  • Is not very spacious
  • Works better on Weston bags and not so well on other bags
  • Is bulky and heavy weight and thus not suitable to carry easily from one place to another
  • Product kit does not include accessory hose
  • Absence of integrated bag cutter and hence has to be cut manually with help of scissors
  • Does not have an accessory port

How to use

Pro 2300 are used successfully both for commercial and home use in such a way that quality and freshness of products is maintained. Following tips will come handy in its usage

  • Avoid crumbs from getting inside a vacuum sealer
  • For a perfect sealing it is necessary to maintain a space of three inches between top part of product bag and its contents. In case of special items this also allows space for extra sealing
  • If sealing product has sharp edges it is prudent to wrap them first in paper towels

Maintenance And Cleaning Tips

Tips and Tricks

Weston vacuum sealers have been able to save lot of time and efforts because of its high quality ability and features. In order to make the product last longer it needs regular and proper cleaning. Following are some important cleaning and maintenance tips for Weston vacuum sealers

  • One must unplug a vacuum sealing machine before cleaning it
  • It is necessary to clean a sealer after each usage. This will prevent hardening of liquid drips and save it from small insects and bugs like ants that will try to travel towards crumbs.
  • It is prudent to use mild detergent soap and water for cleaning purposes. Harsh chemical substances must be avoided as they may come in contact with food items and cause harm
  • Immediately wipe the machine down with help of a damp rag.
  • Next wipe it dry with a dry cloth to soak any excess water

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions and answers about Weston Pro 2300

Q: Is it possible to seal solid items and fluid both through Weston Pro 2300?

A: Only solid items can be sealed through this vacuum sealer as it does not have the ability to seal fluids

Q: Does this product come with warranty?

A: Pro2300 comes with a warranty of one year

Q: Does brand Weston offer any additional accessories with Pro 2300?

A: A maintenance kit is available with the product that helps in changing tapes and seals according to usage level and requirement


Weston Pro 2300 is designed for long-lasting usage and is a semi-commercial sealer. Easy availability of replacement parts, better services, flexible sealing options for different sizes and ability to work continuously at a stretch has made it a valuable and most desirable consumer product.

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