Nesco VS-02 Food Vacuum Sealer Review

Nesco VS-02 Food Vacuum Sealer is a professional appliance that can be used for both home use and commercial use. It is reasonably priced and is available in double colors. Black and silver gives it a distinctive and stylish appearance in kitchen. It is a perfect machine that saves time and reduces spoilage.

Benefits To The Customer

  • Its instructions manual is clear, detailed and simple to follow and use. One can easily go over the directions, plug in a sealer and start using it.
  • An important quality of Nesco sealer is that it has an ability to get rid of freezer burn and thus helps in minimizing wastage
  • Vacuum sealing of vital documents helps in keeping them safe during journey
  • In order to provide added benefit to its customers brand Nesco has provided twin rolls of bag material of 8.66 *9.8 inches and ten pieces of bags in two different sizes. First 5 pieces are of 8.66*11.8 inches and other 5 pieces are of size 11.8*11 inches. Varying sizes of bags are quite useful for sealing items that have different sizes.
  • Brand Nesco offers prompt and good quality services to its users and provides a warranty of one year for its product

Highlight Features

  • Dimensions of this vacuum sealer is 18.3*5.1*11.8 inches and its weight is nearly seven pounds
  • This vacuum sealer is made of plastic material
  • It has storing area for bag slicer and rolls
  • It operates as single touch unit and is fully automatic. After every use it automatically turns off.
  • Nesco vacuum sealer has a piston pump that is very powerful and has a seal switch that prevents excessive vacuuming. It also has ability to extend time for both tight sealing and also sealing wet items
  • Product comes with 10 bags and two rolls. Material of bags is durable and strong and also includes air venting on both sides of these bags for utmost air extraction
  • This vacuum sealer has buttons for opening and cancelling
  • It has expansion port for vacuum sealing canisters
  • Extra batteries are not needed for its working as it operates on electricity

​Pros and Cons


  • Affordable
  • Product kit includes 10 bags
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Powerful suction and great vacuum power
  • Great seal
  • Durable and solid
  • Uses other vacuum bags also
  • Easy to get replacement bags
  • Fully automatic to use
  • Also has capability of single touch operation
  • Easy to reseal various products in their original package
  • Has an extended seal-setting
  • Has indicator lights
  • Batteries not required
  • Operates only on electricity


  • Too large to adjust in any place
  • As it is of huge size it is not easy to store
  • As it is very heavy, portability and transportation is also a problem
  • It has to be turned on after every use
  • Needs break after few sealing
  • Some of its attachments are not easily available

How To Use

​Nesco Vacuum Sealer is all-time favourite of customers for sealing of food items and other products. It has been rated as one of the top quality products in consumer market. Some important tips that will be a help in its usage are as follows:

How To
  • Take care while sealing any product. It is important that any residue is not left behind as they will accumulate and cause harm to the sealer
  • Try to leave a space of minimum three inches between contents and sealing space and do not overfill the bag
  • One must not wet the opening as it is difficult to seal wet bags
  • As a precaution one can wrap products that are of delicate nature or may cause damage
  • It is necessary to use bags for sealing that are compatible with vacuum machine
  • One must straighten the bag at its open side properly before sealing for better results. It is necessary to keep vacuum bags smooth and wrinkle free for best outcome.

​It is best to let the sealer rest for few seconds after every use.

​Maintenance And Cleaning Tips

​One is aware that both cleaning and maintenance are interrelated as one cannot operate without other. Some important tips for cleaning and maintenance of this vacuum sealer are as follows:

Quick Tip
  • Switch off the vacuum cleaner
  • Try to clean it regularly if used every day
  • Cleaning on regular basis will remove any chances of bugs making their home in or near a sealer because of accrued crumbs
  • It is better to use water and mild soap and avoid chemicals for cleaning purposes
  • Wipe with damp cloth areas like switches, buttons and vacuum channel. It is better to remove drip tray and clean it thoroughly with soap and water
  • Wipe it dry with dry cloth to remove any water that might have been left behind.

It is prudent to make extra sure that all parts and channels are perfectly dry before next usage as any moisture or water can cause electric shock as soon as it is plugged on.

​Frequently Asked Questions

Quest And Answer

People tend to have lots of queries about a product and it is better to know the answers to important and popular questions as it may help in making decisions related to purchase of that product. Some vital questions and answers relating to Nesco vacuum sealer are as follows:

Q: Does the product have instruction manual?​

  • A: It has an information manual and after skimming over the instructions it becomes quite easy to operate

Q: Does Nesco vacuum sealer have a storage space?

  • A: Yes, it has a storage space that is used for keeping rolls and bag cutter

Q: Does the product come with warranty?

  • A: Nesco vacuum sealer has a warranty of one year

Q: Does brand Nesco offer a bag cutter with its product?

  • A: This product comes with a bag cutter that is very useful during sealing procedure


Nesco VS-02 Food Vacuum Sealer is electronic machinery that is easily available and provides excellent services to its customers. It saves money and time as it is able to reseal items in their original packing.​

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