FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealer Reviews


FoodSaver V3240 gives a confident feeling to vacuum sealing procedure as it helps in keeping edible items good and fresh to an extended period. It is equipped with ultra-modern technique that eliminates air and any left-over moisture during process of vacuum sealing. V3240 is available in two different and elegant colors white and black.

​FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealer Reviews

Benefits To Customer​

V3240 provides numerous benefits to its customers. Following are some of them:​

  • Product works with specially designed FoodSaver bags that are multilayered and hence retains taste and flavours of food items. This also helps in avoiding freeze burns.
  • These bags along with its vacuum sealing method are able to freeze pre-cooked items and raw items in required portions. This helps in saving lots of valuable time by cutting short grocery trips, cooking time and even washing.
  • One can simply take out required portion of that day and heat it in a microwave
  • Ultimately a person saves a lot of money with mass buying and cooking
  • Food remains fresh for more than five times than normal
  • Drip-tray prevents overflowing of liquidsIt is designed for saving countertop area and thus user can place it anywhere for easy usage and handling
  • One important benefit of V3240 to a customer is that it does not cost too much. Infact it is one of the most affordable machines in consumer market.
  • An important aspect of FoodSaverV3240 is that this vacuum sealer works efficiently with both solid and liquid food items

Main Features

Specially designed FoodSaver bags that are multilayered

It has carved a name for itself with its exceptional features. Following are some vital ones:​

  • V3240 is an automatic machine but operates manually. It includes eco-mode of operation
  • Dimensions of this product are 9.1*10.7*18.6 inches and its compact nature helps in saving storing spaceProduct is made up of plastic and weighs just 10.8 pounds and hence is lightweight
  • Product design is very simple as it does not have excessive buttons to avoid confusion. Its wider mouth enables working with larger bags easily
  • It includes single AC Port and double DC port
  • It has an automatic ability to detect whether an item is fresh or they are sealing dry and damp stuff
  • It has an integrated cutter that helps in cutting of rolls and bags to required size
  • Product includes important features like a suitable and convenient control panel, crush-free option, 5 year limited-warranty, easy system of lock-bar and fast and double-speed vacuuming option.
  • Airtight and secured sealing works with bags of width 12 inches

Product kit includes accessory hose; roll holder, 1 roll of 11*10 inches and 5 heat-seal bags in two different sizes.

Pros and Cons


  • Inexpensive
  • Better functionality
  • Portable
  • Easy usage
  • Prevents freeze burns
  • Long-lasting storage capability
  • Enables vacuum sealing of both solid and liquid products


  • It is flimsy and not as durable as expected
  • Fast-speed option of vacuuming often results in faulty seals and results in wastage of bags and rolls
  • Noisy
  • Warranty does not include damage from natural causes and from overheating
  • It is vital to rest this machine after every few sealing as it tends to overheat
  • Product does not have an auto-reset button

How To Use

Automated nature of FoodSaver helps in simplifying sealing process without any undue wastage of bag space. Its user-friendly design and simple control-panel helps in economical usage. Following are some simple tips for its usage

  • Go through the user manual guidelines thoroughly
  • For best results it is prudent to use products like rolls, bags and other accessories from FoodSaver brand
  • When a vacuum sealing is in progress it is natural for some crumbs or fluids to stick inside the machine. One must empty the drip-tray after every usage and clean it regularly
  • One must take care to prevent over filling of containers as it might cause defective sealing or leakage
  • Gently extend the rolls and bags to make them smooth and wrinkle-free. It will result in perfect sealing
  • One must always keep this equipment clean as it works with food items and can cause harm if basic and simple precautions are not taken

Maintenance and Cleaning

Following steps are essential in taking care of its cleaning and maintenance procedure

  • First and foremost unplug power cord from outlet
  • Check drip tray and gasket for any crumbs and leftovers
  • It is necessary to see that one does not immerse this electric product in liquid
  • Take a soapy cloth and wipe of gasket with it.
  • Drip-tray is removable and can be washed either in a dishwasher or by hands with help of water and soap
  • At last wipe all parts thoroughly with a dry cloth to remove any moisture

One must not leave lid-latch in closed position as the gasket gets compressed and it might affect its functioning. It is better to leave it in store or open position. Periodic cleaning will result in its long-lastingness and increase its product value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does V3240 have Crush-free option?

  • A: Yes, this product comes with an awesome feature like crush-free that helps in protecting delicate food items like bananas and cakes from being crushed

Q: Is V3240 able to work efficiently with products of all brands?

  • A: No, it is engineered to provide best results with rolls and bags from its own FoodSaver brand only

Q: Does the product come with warranty?

  • A: Yes, FoodSaver V3240 comes with a limited warranty of 5 years. Warranty does not include damage against overheating.

Q: What is the function of accessory hose?

  • A: Accessory hose enables simple, quick and easy vacuuming by sucking out air and helping in marinating within a short time


FoodSaver V3240 is a fine vacuum sealer that appeals to a certain section of people. It is reliable equipment that is perfect for personal usage and family needs. Its vertical design is apt for saving extra space and its amazing features involving latest technology prevents food wastage. It is simple and easy to understand, install and use and therefore is able to provide great value for money.

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