FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealer Review


FoodSaver V2244 is user friendly equipment that comes with latest know-how in terms of vacuum sealers. It works by removing air from any food container so that bacteria are unable to thrive and food wastage is avoided. V2244 is a vacuum sealer that entraps goodness and flavours of food stuff and prolongs its shelf-life by at least five times.

Benefits to customers

V2244 retains freshness and taste of sealed food items so that they provide numerous benefits to a customer. Following are some important ones:

  • Vacuum sealing with V2244 helps in lengthening usage date of a food product
  • There is no immediate rush to finish all food items at once because some of them can be sealed and kept away for further usage
  • A regular trip to grocer is usually avoided by sealing and safe-keeping of food-stuff
  • People can now buy in bulk as it costs less and ultimately save money
  • Convenient cooking has become trendy as one can easily portion raw items in terms of usage and serving size. It is easy to seal them accordingly and take out as and when required
  • Quick and easy are its main mantra and they are a boon for customers as V2244 meets daily needs by marinating and preserving all food products
  • FoodSaver enables long-lasting service to its users by help of single-touch manual operation
  • Vacuum sealing with V2244 helps in lengthening usage date of a food product

Main Features

FoodSaver V2244 has often been termed as a life saver as it has distinctive features that have helped it to become an ideal kitchen helper. Following are some of its important features:

  • Dimensions of V2244 are 5.9*10.6*17.7 inches and its weight is just one pound
  • It has a tight vacuum seal, with open latch-lid, that can work up to a width of 11 inches and provide total protection
  • Product comes in a compact design that can be placed and handled at any place because it is lightweight
  • V2244 can be stored in any convenient place
  • It is durable, has a plastic body and is available in black color
  • This FoodSaver operates manually
  • It has a controlling panel that is simple to understand and even more easy to operate. Its various options like seal buttons, seal only and single touch are for user’s convenience
  • Strong motor and powerful suction are an asset for this vacuum sealer

​Numerous accessories are included with this product including accessory port and hose, removable and washable drip-tray, rolls and heat-seal and expendable bags. Important product features include cutting edge, warranty of one year and a detailed user manual

Pros and Cons

V2244 has many top qualities that make it a valuable addition to any kitchen. Some of its good qualities are as follows:


  • Compact
  • Easy usage
  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Sleek design
  • Affordable
  • Easy cleaning
  • Portable

It is impossible to find a product that has only good qualities to its name. Some important negative factors relating to this product are as follows:


  • Cannot seal efficiently zipper bagsIs unable to detect automatically dry and wet food items
  • Bags belonging to FoodSaver are a bit expensive
  • It does not work well with other brand bags or even with recycled bags
  • Does not have an integrated cutter
  • It is noisy compared to other sealers

How to use

FoodSaver V2244 is an apt kitchen partner that meets s a wide range of needs like vacuum sealing of meat, vegetables, cheese, deli food, butter etc. It is a countertop model with an ability to adapt itself so that it can seal according to food requirements.

  • If the nature of food item requires vacuum seal process then one has to click on a button that shows vacuum/seal option
  • In case food item is soft and of delicate nature that requires easy handling without a need of vacuuming, one can click a button that shows option of seal only.
  • Items like cakes, pastries that need to be saved from crushing are vacuum sealed with help of Crush-Free features
  • In order to seal mason jars and canisters, one can take help of integrated accessory hose that comes with V2244 as an added benefitIts cutting edge helps in customizing plastic rolls to any required size

Maintenance and Cleaning

In order to maintain serviceable features, it is necessary to go through various cleaning and maintenance process. Periodic cleaning ultimately results in minimized maintenance costs and therefore it becomes vital to any product. Following are some essential cleaning tips:

  • Usage of water and mild soap is allowed for cleaningA semi-dry cloth is used
  • It is necessary to wipe it with a dry cloth to absorb any remaining moisture
  • V2244 has a drip tray that has removable quality and is super easy to clean with help of water and mild soap. It is vital to dry it properly before next usage

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

It is natural to have queries about any product and some important questions and answers related to this ongoing topic are as follows:

​Q: What is the function of accessory hose of V2244?

  • A: V2244 has an inbuilt accessory hose and port that helps in sealing jars and canisters

Q: Does V2244 come with warranty?

  • A: It comes with a warranty of one year

Q: Can FoodSaverV2244 work with every brand material?

  • A: It works best with its own brand materials like FoodSaver rolls and bags

Q: Does it have an in-built cutter?

  • A: This product does not have an integrated cutter. One has to use scissors for cutting purposes

Q: Are the bags reusable

  • A: Yes brand FoodSaver comes with bags that are reusable and can expand from 11 inches to 14 inches if required because of their integrated pleats


FoodSaver V2244 is one of the best machines available in consumer market for vacuum sealing as its enthusiastic approach helps in saving lots of food products and eventually money and time. This sealer is well-built with qualitative features and consistent work performance. It is best for family use although people use it for commercial purposes also.

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