FoodSaver FM2000-000 Vacuum Sealer Review


​FoodSaver FM2000-000 is one of the recommended machines from consumer viewpoint because it is cost-effective and efficient. This product is easy to use for both commercial and personal purposes. It has a smooth and striking design that enables sealing without any hassles and worry.

​Benefits To Customer

​FoodSaver FM2000-000 is a great model that provides following benefits to its customer:

  • An important benefit FM2000-000 provides its customers is that it allows vacuum sealing of both solid food items and liquid stuff with ease
  • Every vacuum sealer faces problem of bag wastage. This efficient device helps in solving this common problem as it is operated manually and thus is able to give a good performance without wastage of bags.
  • Accessory hose helps in quick and easy sealing and marinating
  • Drip-tray can be removed, emptied and cleaned in dishwasher and by hands and thus benefits customer as it successfully removes liquid drips
  • Multi-layer heat-seals helps in avoiding freeze burns
  • Vacuum sealing of food items extends their shelf life
  • Cost-cutting is now an important alternative as it is possible to purchase in volume. This helps in maximum discounts and saves another trip to market. Bulk buying leads to less work and more savings
  • It helps in avoiding wastage as it is able to vacuum seal leftover items
  • This product works with expandable bags that have integrated side-pleats to expand a bag from mere 11 inches to 14 inches and hence it is easy to seal bulky items.

Main Features

FoodSaver2000-000 has plenty of productive features because of its versatility and some are as follows:

  • FM2000-000 has an elegant design and plastic body that accentuates its beauty and performance levels. It is available in a classic black color
  • Product dimensions are 17.6*5.9*10.6 inches and its weight is 5.3 pounds
  • This newer model is manually operated
  • Its light weight helps in easy movement and convenient storage
  • This channel-sealer includes a handle that helps in bringing it around in an expedient manner
  • It is equipped with new and latest technology that helps in conserving usage of bags by at least 40% than traditional units of FoodSaver
  • Product kit includes 1 roll of 11*10 inches, accessory hose, dual gallon-bags and 3 Quart-bags.
  • FM 2000-000 has a control panel that is simple to use and operate
  • Product comes with hose accessory that comes in handy
  • Its user manual includes precise instructions that helps in easy installation and serves as an adequate user guidance

Functional features include user-friendly indicator lights, sealing strip with extra width, great operating system, drip-tray with removable option, 5 year warranty, options of seal button, option of vacuum and seal button, easy and convenient latch-lock mode of operation, storage options and working efficiently with expandable bags.

Pros And Cons

There are numerous positive aspects and shortcomings of a product and it is up to us whether they matter and if yes, then to what extent.


  • Light
  • Compact
  • Easy operation
  • Allows reuse of bagsPortable
  • BPA free
  • Sturdy and strong
  • Affordable


  • Does not include integrated storage space for rolls
  • Absence of bag cutterIt is a bit difficult to cut even and straight rolls
  • Does not include feature like crush-free
  • No automatic settings for recognising moist and dry food items
  • Absence of speed adjustments
  • Inefficient handling of zipper bags

​How To Use

This appliance provides admirable performance and is also great and eye-catching to look at. Following are some important tips so that its installation and operation becomes smooth and straightforward

  • Install the product with help of instructions from user manual
  • Now, pick food item and place it in desired bag or container. Please check bag is completely dry for better results
  • Place bag in sealing channel and shut down latch-bar
  • Press button that has options like vacuum/seal to start procedure
  • Air is now completely removed from bags and results in perfect sealing.
  • Unlock lid and take out sealed bag

​Maintenance And Cleaning

​Tips that help in making clean-up a simple job and extending product life are as follows

  • Its unique features need simple and proper cleaning
  • One must first unplug electronic connection
  • Wipe it with semi-dry cloth with help of soap and water.
  • Now wipe it completely dry with help of a dry cloth
  • Remove drip-tray and wash it thoroughly with soap and water

​For Proper Maintenance It is Better to Go Through Following Tips

  • Vacuum sealing is not an alternative for heat procedure. Perishables will have to be sealed and kept in their proper places like pantry, freezer to make them long-lasting and to avoid wastage
  • It is better to work with FoodSaver items like rolls, storage containers and bags for best results
  • During packaging process crumbs and fluids get pulled in vacuum funnel. It is sensible to empty drip-tray after every usage for efficient workings
  • One must leave a space at top for better sealing and for resealing
  • Use packaging products properly to avoid damage seal

​Proper cleaning and efficient handling goes a long way in reducing maintenance cost of a product. It increases product life and helps in quick mechanism

Frequently Asked Questions​

Q: Is FM2000-000 able to work efficiently with materials of other brands?

  • A: This product is engineered and designed for working best with its own brand products like rolls and bags

Q: Does this product have an indicator light?

  • A: FM2000-000 has a useful indicator light that turns on while sealing is in progress and turns off after its completion

Q: Does the product come with a warranty?

  • A: This product comes with a limited warranty of five years that does not include replacement of parts caused by misuse of products, using wrong instructions for operations and usage of improper voltage​


FoodSaver FM2000-000 is a trust-worthy partner that helps in dealing resourcefully with food items in order to avoid waste and spoils. This is a handy kitchen tool that transforms food products to culinary delights. It enables convenience cooking and cost-cutting and thus is a revolutionary device for any kitchen.​

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