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Incorporating Shorts In Your Wardrobe

As the temperatures rise so do the hemlines, which means that the time has come to tackle the topic of selecting the proper shorts for spring. First, start with creating the right color combination for your wardrobe. Basics are just as important for your shorts wardrobe as they are for your wardrobe as a whole. […]

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How to Successfully Shop Your Closet

As part of achieving budget friendly style, you must become an expert at shopping your own closet. The more you are able to effectively create new looks from pieces that you already own, the less you will have to spend on buying new pieces to transform your look. Quick Navigation Start With A Closet EditInventory […]

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The Fashion Forward Formula

Creating fashion forward style is about mastering four basic style elements and creating variations of those elements using pieces that you either currently own or are about to purchase. The four elements that you need to create any look with fashion forward style are a basic piece, an interest piece, a finishing piece and a […]

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Choosing Shorts For Your Shape

In a previous post, we covered how to identify and dress your shape and in Incorporating Shorts in Your Wardrobe, we began a shopping list for summer in terms of what pieces will be necessary to complete your wardrobe. Today we will tackle what it means to choose the correct shorts for your body shape. […]

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Creating A Flattering Wardrobe

In the latest edition our Fashion Friday Challenge we tackle the touchy subject of creating a flattering wardrobe. The first point that we need to get out of the way is that no matter what your shape or size is, you can still create a flattering wardrobe. Part of your wardrobe journey has to involve […]

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