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People have been designing embroidery on materials from ancient times. Previously it was done by hand and thus involved lots of manual labour and time. With passing of time and advent of latest technology it has become possible to create flawless designs and qualitative products in very short periods. Almost all the embroidery machines are now equipped with in-built designs and newest features that makes working simple and easy.

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Short Reviews Of The Best Embroidery Machines

Embroidery machines come in various brands and each has specifications and features that enhance its market value. We have summarized some of the best machines and brands for your ease. Go through them and get one that suits your needs today!

Brother PE770

Brother PE770 is an extraordinary machine that offers useful features and great product value for creating spectacular patterns. It provides twin advantages of embroidery as well as sewing. Its embroidery field dimensions are 5*7 inches with LCD screen and touch facilities. This superb piece of machinery can speed up to 850 sewing stitches and 650 stitches of embroidery in one minute.

Brother PE770 Review

Its product kit includes instruction manual, accessory bag, spool net, scissors, cleaning brush, spool caps, needle set, bobbins, seam ripper, dust cover and screwdriver. It has integrated border styles, frame shapes, 136 designs of its own and 6 fonts for embroidery.


  • It can download designs and various patterns from internet through USB cord.
  • Threading is easy and cutting threads even more easier because of automatic thread cutter


  • Inserting hoops is a big problem with PE770.
  • It is necessary to change needles frequently as it may cause bending and breaking of needles

​Singer Futura XL 400

Singer Futura XL 400 is a combination of both sewing and embroidery machine that creates incredible designs in various sizes. It belongs to next generation of Futura Lines. XL 400 has vivid LED lights that keep sewing space well-lit and bright for comfortable and effective working. Its features include 125 inbuilt designs, lettering fonts, 30 sewing-stitches and automatic button-hole system. Computer connectivity is possible through USB cable.

​Singer Futura XL 400 Review


  • It has an automatic needle threader.
  • Advanced bobbin system enables loading and changing without picking up thread


  • Thread tends to break easily and gathers up under bobbin.
  • Instruction manual is vague and not up to the mark

​Brother LB6800PRW

​LB6800PRW is a reliable and multipurpose machine that works in both format for embroidery and sewing. Its special features include product dimension of 21.5*16*22 inches, detailed instruction manual, options of downloading designs from web and creating new designs, command over fabrics, back-lit screen, 67 styles for stitching, auto-needle threader and an USB cable.

​Brother LB6800PRW Review

Some positive and negative aspects of this product are as follows


  • Affordable.
  • Lightweight


  • Does not have a memory card.
  • Does not allow sideways sewing

Brother Designio Series DZ820E

Brother Designio Series DZ820E is an embroidery machine that helps in experimenting with various designs and different styles. It’s important features include twin hoops, 136 integrated designs for embroidery, 120 designing-frames and 6 lettering-fonts, LCD screen with touch facility, advanced system of needle threading, an extra CD with 200 patterns of designs and an USB port that allows computer connectivity.

Brother Designio Series DZ820E Review

Following are advantages and disadvantages of using DZ820E


  • Includes additional hoops for efficient working.
  • Large area of 5*7 inches for comfortable designing and embroidering


  • High cost product.
  • Needle threader is a bit complicated

​Brother PE525

Brother PE525 is an embroidery device that is handy as well as affordable. It produces sleek designs and elegant patterns in a short span of time. Some important features of this incredible embroidery machine include 4*4 inches area for embroidery, connection to a computer through USB cord, access to, LCD screen, lights in work-area, smooth and easy setting of bobbin, in-built designs related to embroidery and automatic threading of needles.

​Brother PE525 Review

​Following are its advantages and disadvantages


  • Work station is lit with bright lights.
  • It is long-lasting and lightweight


  • Memory card is not included in product kit.
  • One has to purchase extra software for easy and smooth operation

​Singer Futura CE-250

​Singer Futura CE-250 provides options of both embroidery and computerized sewing. This multi-purpose machine has specialized features that gives it a unique look. It has 100 in-built designs, auto-threader, one-step buttonholes, scissors, embroidery hoops, USB cable, spool caps, vinyl bag, screwdriver, scissors, stitch selection at one go, quick and easy connectivity to a computer, lettering fonts, easy to hear warnings in case of any mishaps and options of changing position of needles according to requirements.


  • Long-lasting with 25 years warranty.
  • Issues warning if a problem occurs.


  • Issues with threading as it tends to break down easily.
  • Is not very easy to operate.

​Brother PE540D

Brother PE540D is an automatic machine that embroiders numbers, letters and even cartoon characters. Its special patterns and designs include 70 designs for decorative purposes, 35 integrated designs of Disney characters, 5 lettering-fonts for embroidery, and 120 combinations of frame patterns. Its product kit includes bobbins, needle set, USB cable and computer connectivity.

​Brother PE540D Review


  • It has a working space of 4*4 inches to facilitate comfortable operational area.
  • Back-lit screen with touch facility.


  • Does not provide sewing options as it is an only embroidery machine.
  • Manual is a bit intimidating with poor English translation.

Singer 4-in-1 Futura Quartet Sewing

​Singer 4-in-1 Futura Quartet Sewing is one of the most sought after machines that allow serging, quilting, embroidery and sewing. It includes 125 integrated and innovative embroidery designs, 215 stitches for sewing purposes and thus allows a worker to express himself/herself through exquisite and stunning creations. Accessories included in product kit comprises of sew attachment, zipper foot, cording foot and spool-pin set.

Singer 4-in-1 Futura Quartet Sewing


  • Electronic and auto- thread cutter.
  • Advanced software included for editing.


  • Breaking of threads is a recurring problem.
  • Highly priced

Brother PE500

Brother PE500 is a perfect model for embroidery purposes only. It is an excellent machine that deals in computerized designs and which includes features like 25 years warranty, easy connectivity to a computer for downloading various designs, 4*4 inches space for embroidery purposes, product dimension of 20.3*15*15.2 inches, 120 frame-patterns, auto threader for needles and lettering fonts.

Brother PE525 Review


  • Back-lit screen.
  • User manual is bilingual


  • Needles are easily broken.
  • 4*4 inches area allotted for embroidery limits creation of designs because of insufficient space.

Brother PE700II

Brother PE700II is a useful embroidery machine that is easy to learn and use. It is affordable and long-lasting with important features like access to lettering fonts, 587 inches area for embroidery purposes, computer connection, easy threading, 136 in-built designs of embroidery,, LED lights, 25 year warranty, USB cable-port and back-lit touch-screen facility. Its accessories include needles, seam ripper, bobbins, cleaning brush, spool net, scissors, spool cap, guide book, operational manual, accessory bag and screwdrivers.


  • Large working space.
  • Auto thread cutter and needle threader


  • Requires continuous adjustment of tension.
  • It does not come with a stabilizer.
  • User manual is not up-to-mark and requires improvement

Benefits Of Using An Embroidery Machine

  • Labour issue: Previously, a person had to work tediously so as to provide designs and patterns for manual embroidery. In latest and new machines, participation of a worker has been considerably reduced and hence it saves unnecessary hassles. It is now possible to produce flawless products with amazing designs in shorter time frame.
  • Time: Embroidering is a monotonous work that requires lots of time. Machines can help in achieving better results in less time.
  • Cost effective: Skilled labour costs are very high because embroidery requires expertise and creativity. Latest embroidery machines have been able to save as they can help in creating new designs with help of in-built as well as downloaded designs.
  • Patterns and designs: Almost all new machines come with in-built patterns and designs for embroidery purposes. This helps in giving a head start to any worker

How To Pick The Best Embroidery Machine

​Picking the best machine for embroidery purposes is very important from both investment viewpoint as well as technical perspective. Following are some important factors to consider before making a purchase:

  • A well established brand name is a significant aspect before making a buy as good brands relate with good quality products. They have enthusiastic dealers that provide excellent support and services to its customers.
  • Planning is another vital phase that helps in determining whether the machine will be used for business or at home. If it is for mass production and long working hours it is better to buy a good and qualitative machine although it may cost a bit more.
  • It is better to go through various features and specifications of the model so that one can determine its usage value.
  • One must always choose models that have throat widths so that it is easy to work around.
  • If a person is interested in sewing and embroidery it is sensible to go for a machine that provides dual work as it will prove economical and will also require less working space.
  • It is better to buy a machine that provides optional accessories as they may come handy later on.
  • Latest embroidery machines have in-built designs and they also have computer connectivity to download other designs through internet. Therefore it is better to go for newer and latest technology.
  • Warranty is very important for a machine as it will help in determining its longevity

​Tips For Using Embroidery Machine More Efficiently

It is important to learn about various methods of using an embroidery machine. It will prove beneficial because it needs technical skills to operate various additional features. Following are some important tips before using embroidery machine

  • Preparation and gathering of items: It is necessary to keep handy various accessories like thread, bobbin, fabric, stabilizer and embroidery software near a machine so that work can be completed easily without any disturbance.
  • Choosing needles: Needles comes in various sizes. It is important to choose one that will suit your fabric and will be able to carry a thread without any undue damage to thread or fabric. Shank needles that are flat-sided are apt for domestic machines whereas round ones are needed for commercial machines.
  • Choosing threads: Various varieties of threads like bobbin thread and embroidery threads are available in market and it is necessary to choose the right one that will go with fabric and needles. Bobbin thread is cheaper, lighter and thinner whereas embroidery thread is stronger and necessary for heavy designs.
  • Setting up embroidery machine: Plug in the machine and switch it on power. If necessary connect it to a computer through USB cable.
  • Threading a bobbin: Threading a bobbin according to instructions manual is a necessity as correct installation will provide accurate patterns of embroidery. If bobbin is not placed correctly it will lead to breaking of a needle.
  • Selection of a design: Select a design and start embroidery. This is possible through instructions on LCD screen

​An embroidery machine is now ready for usage

Frequently Asked Queries

Q: Is it possible to use a single needle for embroidery?

  • Different needles have to be used for embroidery depending on threads and fabrics

Q: Is instruction booklet necessary for a worker?

  • Instruction manuals are necessary for both beginners as well as established workers as they provide useful information regarding working of that particular machine.

Q: Is it important to look for warranty and services option before making a purchase?

  • It is necessary as warranty ensures long-lasting usage and services guarantees safety against any mishaps.


Embroidery machines provide an amazing platform to create new and better designs. These are high quality and innovative products that yield incredible results. Working is no longer tiring as it provides better results with help of latest and newest knowledge and expertise.

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